starter kit



Much about the future is unclear, but one thing is obvious: capitalism. Starter kit outlines the culture of the overflow and the fashion of the mass production. We perceive the artifitial environment as natural state, nature aliinated and hostile remains a fetishized longing of the urban man. The project creates parallels between traditional craftsmanship and the customizing culture. A folk costume represents the antinomy between the insatiable need for individuality and unifed, almost uniformed expression of it. Mass manufactured final products become an easy-to-access material: PET bottles, plastic bags and packaging nets are processed to a new context on the simple white-grayish knitted surface.

The braid-like structures of the collection set a direct link to embodiment of a stereotypical folk figure with thick golden hair. The folklore ideal of the hourglass silhouette is captured in the X shapes of the looks, as well as the typically placed decoration in the waist and chest area. Symmetry as a classical beauty concept is taken up and partly distorted to manifest the break with the tradition and lend the connection to modernity.